Rimblades BLACK Alloy Wheel Rim Protector All 4 Wheels USA

Rimblades BLACK Alloy Wheel Rim Protector All 4 Wheels USA


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 Self Adhesive Protective Trim Strips For Alloy Wheel Rims





Fits 4 wheels up to 22" except those with uneven rims.


Stop curb damage and cover up existing minor damage using our easy to fit, self-adhesive alloy wheel rim protectors

 Rimblades are made from an automotive grade modern flexible polymer called a TPV, meaning Thermoplasitc Vulcanizate. This has the appearnace and feel of rubber. 

They are designed to be universal fitting and as they appear rubber they are flexible and conform to fit many different wheel rim shapes including those with a lip, 

but the element of plastic means they are durable and can easily be wiped clean. 

This great material is not affected by changes in temperature, which makes Rimblades suitable for all countries in the world, no matter the climate. 



Rimblades are supplied in a kit for DIY fitment

This kit includes wheel preparation and surface primer wipes to ensure a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface.


Length : around  7.6 meter

Contents : wheel protector + 3M 94 primer 4P + IPA (alchole) 4P




Rimblades Fitting Guide


Step 1 & 2

   Wash & dry wheels. Remove any wheel cleaner and tire spray   residues. Any silicone based products left on the wheels will prevent   Rimblades adhesion.  

Use the alcohol (IPA) wipes provided to remove any remaining dirt & grease from wheel rims. Ensure that the top and face surfaces are cleaned.


Step 3 & 4

   Using the primer wipes provided, coat the wheel rim surface where the Rimblades will fit to the wheels. It is most important that complete coverage is obtained. 

Drying time of the primer is between 1 and 5 minutes depending on air temperature. Apply the Rimblades to the wheels. 

Remove the backing tape as you go and push the Rimblades onto the rim evenly all the way round the wheel  with firm equal pressure. Do not stretch the Rimblades.

Step 5 

  Overlap the ends and carefully mark and cut where the two ends meet. 

We recommend that you use a pencil to mark the top and bottom sides to ensure you cut at the correct angle.


Step 6 & 7

   Apply further equal pressure around circumference of all 4 Rimblades. 

A damp cloth will assist in adding smooth equal pressure. Using the alcohol (IPA) wipes, remove any primer residue left on the wheels. 

PLEASE NOTE Rimblades should be fitted within 30 minutes of  primer application. 

When removing Rimblades, pull them off slowly and the tape will come off the wheels with the Rimblades. 

Any minor tape residue can be easily cleaned off with alcohol wipes. Rimblades do not have to be removed when your tires are changed if your tire dealer is careful.